Recipes from YEE office

Couscous with lečo

Today is Friday, last day of the working week.  Due to holidays, we ended up to be only three in the office.  At the end of the week we are all a little bit slower at work, lazy is also Maggie, who is today’s cook, therefore she decided to prepare a very simple and not much time consuming meal:  Couscous  with lečo and a yoghurt corn as a dessert.

Her work in the kitchen was not long indeed. What did she do:

She put two glasses of already prepared lečo into a wok. When lečo got warmer, she added a bit more water, then couscous and stirred it all until the couscous absorbed the water and got soft. On other pan she prepared the scrambled eggs, added them to the couscous mixture, added pepper and salt and the main meal was ready.

To support the stomach in its job, as a dessert Maggie put corn and light white yoghurt together. She likes to add pepper, but some people do not, therefore she put the pepper only at the lunch table.

What is Lečo?

Lečo is a nice, simple vegetable sauce made of tomato, paprika, onion, lard, salt, pepper and sugar. Good to do in the summer from fresh vegetable. It is also possible to buy an already made one in the shop.


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