Recipes from YEE office

French Onion Soup

It was hot out. It’s the kind of day where your ass sticks to leather and only cactuses are happy. Monday the 20th of August bit all national records here in Prague as the official hottest day of the year. Not the kind of day you want to be eating a large dose of carbohydrates. So we went for something light and easy on the stomach. It’s quick, easy, tasty as hell and only involves one pot for cooking and it’s vegetarian.

Cooking time is about 45 minutes and the below recipe serves 4 people.

To begin, you need the following ingredients:

6 glorious onions, either red or white
4 cloves of garlic
500 ml of white hobo wine
crusty loaf of bread
1oog of Gruyère cheese
1 vegetable stock cube
3 bay leafs
1 tsp of sugar
1 knob of butter


So, you should now be staring at a beautiful pile of ingredients. It’s time to put on some depressing music and cut up those onions. If you’re going to cry, you might as well do it with style. Here at the YEE office we recommend the following songs for onion cutting:


1. Slice the onions up real thin. Caramelize them on a medium-high heat adding the teaspoon of sugar to help the process on. It might be worth to dry your eyes with a napkin at this stage, the salty taste of tears will ruin a good onion soup. Caramelizing should take about 30 minutes.

2. While the onions are doing their thing, begin to reduce the wine on a low heat. Add the bay leafs while reducing for extra flavor.

3. When the onions are done, add in the vegetable stock dissolved in a liter of water.

4. Slice up the bread roll and grill the Gruyère cheese on top of the little disks until golden brown.

5. Add in the garlic (in keeping with the sad theme of this recipe, it is best if the garlic is crushed, not sliced or minced)

6. Add in the final flourish of flavor, courtesy of the wine and herbs.

7. Let it brood for a while on a low heat, 10 minutes should be sufficient.

Serve in a bowl with a single, lonely island of bread floating on your fresh made onion sea of despair. Eat alone in a darkened room.

We however ate as a happy group outside in the sunshine, so either way is fine, it really doesn’t affect the flavor of the dish.


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