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Gnocchi with lemon and pine nuts pesto

gnocchi pestoThis summer was full of events for YEE team as always. And when we were finally all together back in the office, we started our traditional office lunches. This time it was my turn to cook and as it was very hot I wanted to cook something summery.

So I decided to cook gnocchi with pesto. I took my inspiration and the basic recipe from BBC Good food. My version was a little bit different.

Gnocchi with lemon and pine nuts pesto (4 people)


Gnocchi – 1 kg
1 lemon
Small bunch of spring onion
Roasted pine nuts
Grated cheese – 100 g
Olive oil

1. Prepare the ingredients. Cut the onion, parsley, grate the lemon zest and crush (or chop the roasted pine nuts).

2. Put them together in a bowl, season, add cheese, olive oil and lemon juice.

3. Cook the gnocchi in a salted boiling water. Don’t forget to drain them.

4. Mix the gnocchi with the pesto and add some more cheese for topping.

The meal is ready and you can enjoy it in the sun like we did.



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