Recipes from YEE office

Vegetarian pilaf

DSC01159This is a very free version of the traditional pilaf, a dish which is traditional meal in many countries. It is very easy to prepare and very tasty!


5 Tomatoes
1-2 Carrots (or leek like in this recipe)
A bit of garlic
Olive oil
Tomato paste


1. Cut the leek into small pieces and start frying it on the pan with olive oil and garlic.
2. Cut tomatoes into small pieces and add to the pan. Let them there for a while.

3. Add half a spoon of tomato paste.

4. When the leek and tomatoes seem more cooked, you can add water. Follow the proportions as you always cook rice (3 glasses of water – 1 glass of rice).

5. Add salt and pepper and wait till the water is starting to boil.

6. Now it is time to add rice (Don’t forget about the proportions).

7. The rice should absorb all the water. Check it from time to time – it can burn if there is not enough water.

8. When all the broth is gone and the rice is soft, the pilaf is ready. Enjoy your meal!DSC01162


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