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Shtip potatoes

Shtip Potatoes11163579_10203227113232126_1711295670_o

A delicious, healthy and easy to make meal.

Disclaimer: I don’t know the origin of this meal, and I don’t even know whether it has one for that matter. I just gave it my hometown’s name, because I am the one who made it and I am allowed to be the godfather in this case. 🙂

Ingredients (3-4 people):

  • 2kg of potatoes
  • Five small onions
  • A 250gr of canned green peas


  1. Boil the unpeeled potatoes until they soften up
  2. Meanwhile, peel the onions and cut them on small pieces
  3. Dry the peas and mix them with the onions
  4. Take out the potatoes when they are cooked, peel them and cut them in semi-small squares
  5. Put them in another stew-pan, along with the mixed peas and onions
  6. Put sunflower oil in the stew-pan and distribute it in it equally
  7. Put a sweet paprika and Vegeta*
  8. Stir without an interruption until the potatoes acquire yellow-golden colour while mashing with the onions and peas


Vladimir Jordanov
EVS Volunteer

*An extremely popular Balkan spice made out of several different vegetables, sold throughout the world.


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