Spring recipes

Albanian “Ferges”

Ines Cilka_Ferges (Albania)Author: Ines Cilka, Albania

‘Ferges’ with tomatoes and peppers, which originally means something fried, in fact it is a thick sauce which can be eaten with bread.

For 4 persons you need:
-5 fresh tomatoes
-5 peppers ( yellow, green , red depends on your choice)
-3 cloves of garlic
-5 spoons of curd (cottage cheese)
-3 eggs
-chili powder
-salt, pepper
-olive oil

We start by cleaning with water the peppers, clean up from the seeds the inside part and cutting in small pieces. The small pieces with the garlic will be fried for approximately 10 minutes in a pan with olive oil in a medium temperature range of oven.

In the mean time we put the tomatoes in a mixer till we will have a pure mass of fresh tomatoes.

We add the mass of tomatoes into the pan and low the temperature and let it till the oil will come all in the surface. Subsequently we add the curd, eggs, chili powder, pepper, parsley as we prefer to give the flavor and the taste. We mix with the spun and let it for other additional 3-4 minutes.
The dish can be eaten also cold.

Enjoy the meal!


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