The most vegan friendly city in Europe

Fred_The most vegan friendly city in Europe 1Like most Central European capitals, when you ask people what traditional meals are most popular you will have a string of meat and potato dishes in reply. Although this may seem true when entering an average restaurant, there is a growing community of cosmopolitan eateries which are not afraid to experiment with various cuisines such as vietnamese along-side traditional Czech dishes, and all completely vegan.

This news comes after the global atlas of vegetarian and vegan restaurants Happy Cow published its rankings of the cities with the highest number of vegan businesses. Berlin comes out on top by number, but when it comes down to density, each Praguer has a greater opportunity per capita. One vegan restaurant for every 46,000 people to be precise, though this figure doesn’t do it justice. As for vegans, the quality of life is what matters rather than the total availability.[1]

Fred_The most vegan friendly city in Europe 2

Figure 1. Ranking of vegan restaurants per capita. [2]

This could be the start of a new international reputation for Prague, bringing with new waves of progressive ideas and trends which support more sustainable lifestyles. Along with it being great news for vegans within Prague. As well as, a different type of culinary tourist and potentially even have effects on the film industry, as filmmakers and actors have say in the shooting location, vegan celebrities may also be drawn here [3]. So next time you hear about how difficult it is to be vegan, remember that the capitals across Europe are full of satisfying, healthy and sustainable choices.

by Fred Lowther-Harris

[1] Cow H. Top 5 Vegan-Friendly Cities in the World. In: Happy Cow. 2015
[2] Špaček SV. Praha má nejvyšší hustotu veganských restaurací v Evropě

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