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Spoon dumplings with cheesy vegetable sauce

IMG_4190Ingredients (5-6 persons):
– 1 kg of flour
– 3 eggs
– Tablespoon of salt
– 600 ml of warm water
– Canned vegetables: big can (400 ml) of peas and carrots, small can (170 ml) of corn
– 200 g of cooking cream, low fat
– 100-300 g of melted cheese (depends on how dense and cheesy you want the sauce to be)
– Cherry tomatoes 250 g
– Spices

1. Mix the eggs, salt, flour and warm water in a bowl to get the dough for the spoon dumplings. The dough mass should not have lumps and should be a bit sticky. If it’s to dry add more water, if it’s to runny, add flour.
2. Fill a big pot with water, add salt.
3. When the water boils, put the dough, spoon by spoon, into boiling water.
4. Let the dumplings cook for approximately 10 minutes.
5. When cooked, take the dumplings out of the water.
6. Heat up some olive oil
7. When heated add canned vegetables and spices (salt, oregano, thyme). Roast the vegetables for a couple of minutes.
8. Add cooking cream and slowly stir.
9. When the sauce begins to boil add the cheese. Slowly stir until the cheese melts (break the cheese into smaller pieces).
10. Turn off the herd and mix the cherry tomatoes, cut into smaller pieces, into the sauce. Let it sit for a minute.

Put the dumplings on plates and cover them with the sauce.

Author: Aljaž


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