Time for summer fruits and vegetables!

pexels-photo-95425The sun is shining and we are enjoying some great storms after high peaks of heat. Without a doubt, summer is here! And it means time for serious food. Most fruits and vegetables are available in summer. You can see market stalls becoming more and more colourful as days are passing. If you have a garden, you will have the pleasure to pick everyday what you want to eat. If not, you can find a local farmer’s market where to buy fresh products.
As the weather is getting pretty hot, you can eat your fruits and vegetables in many refreshing ways: ice cream, sorbet, cold soup, smoothies, juices, salad…
As it is the time of the year of abundance in gardens, you can also do something to use these summer fruits and vegetables later in the year. You can for example cook fruits jam, put them in can , dry them or freeze them.
Summer Fruits & Vegetables
You can find in this list ideas of ingredients that you can use if you want to take part into our Summer competition. You can find more informations about the competition here.

by Amelys Erard


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