5 Vegetables to cook (and eat) this holiday season

5-vegetablesWith the holiday season approaching, our senses are once again invaded – the smell of baked sweets, and cinnamon, the sound of crunchy roasts, the sight of glistening meals… and, of course, the wonderful taste of everything!

While winter holidays might be a time for an abundance of food, cooking in a conscious way and eating healthy food should be in our minds particularly at such moments. There are many mouth-watering vegetarian recipes to try during winter holidays. We’ve looked around and we compiled a list of 7 vegetables for you to use this season in your tasty recipes. Let’s start:

– Parsnip – this root vegetable doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. It is nutritious (high level of Vitamins C and K, manganese and dietary fiber) and it brings an earthy taste that gives a cosy, homey feeling. Dishes like parsnip puree or roasted parsnip are easy to prepare and can be a great side dish – or a main dish, especially if combined with other vegetables such as carrots, celery or potatoes.

– Cauliflower – even if it’s an annual plant, this vegetable is the source of many recipes to be prepared in Christmas time. It is also a great of source of nutrients, as it is rich in Vitamins C, K, B6, B9, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, fiber and many more. You can cook roasted cauliflower, cauliflower mash or creamy cauliflower soup.

– Brussels sprouts – this green member of the cabbage family gives a lot of vitamins and minerals to your diet, especially Vitamin K. It is easy to cook but not easy to like by some. We wonder why, though, when it gives so many interesting recipes the culinary world – roast them, combine them with some sweet ingredients, with eggs or polenta.

– Squash – not the sport, but the vegetable. Similar to the pumpkin, the squash offers a wide range of recipes to be part of, from soups to roasts or even pasta dishes. The idea of a butternut squash lasagna sounds tempting enough for your Christmas? We would say so!

– Beetroot – it is a great source of antioxidants and low in fat; not to mention its health value due to its vitamins and minerals. In summer we can use it for a refreshing juice – but in winter it is a wonderful choice for soups, salads or roasts. For the holiday season we recommend you to try making roasted beetroot (combined with some nuts and berries sounds great) or a traditional borscht.

We hope we inspired you for your holiday dinners. Don’t forget what we wrote in the beginning about conscious cooking and healthy eating. Try to avoid the first temptation of cooking as many dishes as possible. Think what you, your family, friends or loved ones need for the Christmas or New Year dinner, for example. Holidays spent together are, of course, a time for sharing, so follow this principle when it comes to food as well. A great way to avoid food waste in this time of the year is to get together with the people you care for and share the dishes you’ve all prepared. It will bring joy to you, as well as to the planet!

Enjoy delicious season meals!




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