Food phone apps for every environmentalist

Today there are over 2 billion smartphone users in the world. This number and the amount of time we spend using these devices is constantly increasing. How smartly do we use smartphones though? [1]

Ever thought that you waste too much of your time with your phone? Ever thought that you could do more for the environment but don’t know how or lack the motivation to do so?

Think no more! Here is a (hopefully) short list of food related phone apps that can help you achieve your personal goals and change your relationship towards the environment. Let’s put your smartphone into better use!

We’ll take it step by step. You can decrease your impact on the environment by starting out better in the first place. The following apps will either help you make better decisions when buying your food or to plan your shopping ahead.

If you go shopping without a clear idea of what you really need, you may end up with a shopping cart full of stuff that, well, you really don’t need. To avoid such adventures, you need to do some planning beforehand. Here’s where Out of Milk steps in. This app is not only designed to serve as a shopping list, but also to help you keep track of all the things left in your fridge and pantry. It may sound rigid and less spontaneous, but planning your shopping will save you time, money and improve your health.

Now that you have a clearer idea of what to buy we can move to the next step – knowing the background of your desires – where they come from, what impact their production has on the producers and the environment, how good they are for your health. HowGood, GoodGuide, HarvestMark and Buycott will help you do just that. By buying the best possible alternative you will definitely become a more responsible consumer.

If you’re a fan of fish and have considered quitting on it because of the seafood industry’s reputation, Seafood Watch is the app for you. It will help you buy seafood that has less impact on the environment, thus decreasing your bad conscience – the better you feel, the better you do and vice-versa. Moreover, if you want to enjoy a see-snack on the way, the app provides you with a list of restaurants that offer ocean-friendly seafood.

There’s a bunch of other apps that can help you:

Once you got all of your ingredients you can move on to preparing your delicious meal. But maybe you just don’t feel like following the recipe you had in mind anymore…feel like cooking something else? Get inspired by one of these apps and enjoy your meal:

  • If you’re vegan or want to treat yourself with a vegan dish try out Food Monster. With over more 5000 recipes (the number is constantly growing), this app will keep your imagination going for…ever?:D
  • Garden Plate is perfect for vegetarian and healthy cuisine enthusiasts. This app is also mighty useful if you’re gluten intolerant.
  • Got leftover ingredients? Love it or leave it they say – we encourage you to love it! Check out Love Your Leftovers, and use what’s left in the fridge for your next meal.

You always feel so good after a healthy meal made of responsible ingredients. Sometimes you cook too much, or just don’t finish your plate. You end up with a bunch of leftovers, and you’re pretty sure you won’t be hot on eating the same thing anytime soon. Other times you just don’t feel like cooking anything. Despair not, for there are apps solving both dilemmas. Reduce waste, become more efficient, bond with your community!

  • OLIO is all about sharing. It connects neighbours and businesses all with the purpose of reducing food waste. Sometimes you give, sometimes you get. A win-win-win situation.  
  • Too Good To Go on the other hand aims more at food providers and puts surpluses on the map. Everything that is cooked is eaten in the end, it would be a waste to waste it, right?

Some of these apps might not be as active or not active at all in your country. In this case, we encourage you to look at it as an opportunity. An opportunity to become a part of something new, inspiring and meaningful. Join these communities, support them, make them bigger and stronger!

Written by: Aljaž Malek


App pages:
Out of milk      Seafood watch      GoodGuide      Howgood      Buycott     HarvestMark

Is It Vegan      Palm Oil      Non GMO Project      True Food Shoppers Guide

Food Monster      Garden Plate      Love Your Leftovers       OLIO      Too Good To Go


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