Inspiring vegan travel blogs

Travelling is an exciting experience that, however, well, makes you give up you habits for a while. It might be challenging, especially if you have any special dietary needs. So, what if you are passionate about travelling and decided to follow a vegan lifestyle? What if you travel to a place which is traditionally very “far away” from the idea of non-meat diet? Bloggers below (and many others) claim that becoming a vegan made their travelings even more fun and interesting. So, get inspiration and start to plan your future trip:

Burger Abroad – “I travel to eat food & love animals”. Amanda Burger is a solo full-time traveler, petsitter and vegan food lover. Written with great sense of humor, her blog is a perfect source of vegan-friendly places all over the world, but not only! During her years of journeys she accumulated plenty of information essential if you’re about to travel. Here you can find answers on any kind of questions, from vegan-city guides to packing, from tips on how to be a solo-traveler to how to have zero-waste, from advice about insurance to sightseeing. Amanda is also collecting pictures of her favorite food – vegan burgers from places she visited, check it out!

Vegan World Trekker – “What I’ve found is that it is not as difficult as some may think to find veggie-friendly dining options.” Maria became vegetarian at the age of eight and 15 years ago, after attending a lecture on the topic of veganism, became a vegan. Passionate about travelling, she has a goal “to visit several countries(or regions) in the north, south, east, and west of every continent (except Antarctica).” In her blog she shares her experience with vegan restaurants worldwide. More than that you can be sure to find some useful tips about plane and airport food, vegan travel snacks, vegan skincare and wear and even vegan inns.

The Nomadic Vegan – “Be vegan anywhere. Spread compassion everywhere.” She started her blog to show people that to travel being vegan is possible. Wendy visited 98 (!) countries by now and wrote plenty of useful information about the secret of being vegan in any place. “It’s my mission to empower vegans and aspiring vegans to live their travel dreams without compromising their values”, says Wendy.  

Vegan travel – “Global vegan community”. Basically it’s a “public” space, where vegans can share their experience in travelling around the world. Instead of tracking travelling of only one person you have an insight of the whole community. All the contributors are having the aim to promote veganism and sustainable travelling. Here you can find blogs, vlogs, useful tips, travel guides around the entire planet, find vegan travel groups and even try blogging yourself!

Diana Podgurskaia


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