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Tofu with spring onion. A dish of innocence

We, Chinese, are crazy about our food. We cook and eat our food and also gain wisdom from it. We even have many funny idioms about food, one of which is “小葱拌豆腐——一清二白。” This literally means ‘Tofu mixed with spring onion—green and white’. “Green and white” in Chinese means a thing/person as clear/genuine as crystal. For example, if your friend had wronged you, you could say: ”I’m just like tofu mixed with spring onion”, then he would know you are innocent.

Just as the innocence it conveys, there’s no hiding secret or tricks of the cooking methods involved. It is so simple, even a kid can cook it.

Let’s first see what we need:

  • Tofu: 1 (block), cut it into small pieces before using
  • Spring onion: 2, also cut them into small pieces before using
  • Salt: a little
  • White pepper (or black pepper as substitute): grind it into powder before using
  • Cooking oil: sunflower seed oil, or olive oil, or any other oil you use in your kitchen.

After all the ingredients are prepared, just follow these steps:

  1.  Boil some water in a pot.
  2.  After the water is boiled, put tofu pieces into the boiling water, keep boiling for 30 seconds and then take them out.
  3.  Put tofu pieces under the tap and run cool water over them.
  4.  Dry the tofu pieces, mix them with salt, white pepper powder and spring onion pieces.
  5.  Put some cooking oil in a big spoon and heat it until your hand can feel the heat above the oil.
  6.  Spread the oil onto the tofu mix.
  7.  Enjoy!


  1. Be very careful when you cut the tofu into pieces. It’s fragile and easy to break.
  2. Don’t leave tofu in boiling water for too long. If you do, it won’t be yummy enough. In some regions, people eat tofu raw, so don’t worry!
  3. Mix tofu pieces with salt and white pepper powder first, then mix with spring onion. This will keep the flavour of the spring onion fresh.

Dear friends, are you ready to serve yourself this simple and “innocent” dish? Let it cool you down in this sweltering summer and bring you back to a simple, peaceful life, as life should be.

Yue Shi



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