We are a small international team working for a big platform of many European youth organisations that study nature or are active in environmental protection – YEE –  Youth and Environment Europe.

Our office is located in the wonderful environmental centre Toulcův Dvůr in Prague, Czech Republic. Currently our Secretariat consists of six people but only five of us are working in our small office. Five is a great number – there are 5 working days in a week… quite perfect to cook for each other.

Every day we switch in the kitchen and we try to prepare something tasty, healthy and/or special for the team. This activity became a very relaxing break during our daily work. It takes approximately one hour for one person to prepare the lunch. Then we eat together for half an hour and we try to avoid talks about work. We relax and enjoy the food.

We are convinced that this way of having lunch together belongs to more sustainable working methods. It is saving money, it is healthier, more creative and it supports the team spirit. In our case intercultural learning is another benefit we get, since we are an international team and we all have very different cultural backgrounds and cuisines, that we also try to share.

On this blog you can also find articles that aim to promote a different way of eating that is healthier and that gives better respect to our environment. You can also find some interesting tips and fun facts (“Did you know that…?”), and enrich your cuisine by discovering new benefits of various plants thanks to our “Plant profiles”. You can have a look as well at the recipe competition we organised in 2016 and try tasty recipes from all around the world.




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