Farmers’ markets: a better Saturday activity than going to the supermarket

Despite the consumerization of current society, many people like me foster their weekly ritual of going to their local farmers’ market. But why all the effort of roaming the different stands, and be dependent on seasonal and local food if you could just load everything you wanted into your shopping cart and pay at the checkout at the supermarket?


Why we are a vegetarian office

Have you ever thought what impact your diet has on climate change? You might think that fossil fuels have a bigger impact on the environment than any other industry. Right? Wrong! Industrial meat farming is contributing more towards greenhouse gasses than some oil and fossil fuel companies combined according to recent reports [1,2,3].

Foraged Fruit from Prague

Foraging: An alternative food source

Foraging for food is another way that you can save money, get outside and enjoy nature. Humans have been using the skill of foraging for centuries, but in the modern world of convenience we have detached ourselves from this skill. In recent years foraging has seen a resurgence and this past time is currently on an upward trend [1,2].

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Vegetarian/vegan, what is the difference?

Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Budapest… European capitals are getting filled with vegetarian and vegan restaurants that offer veggie burgers, soy meat and cheese analogues. All these products are usually noticeable thanks to this emblematic green leaf that the vegetarians and vegans’ eyes are well trained to spot. But what does all this mean exactly? Unless you… Continue reading Vegetarian/vegan, what is the difference?


And you, how much carbon do you “eat”?

Food production is a major pollutant for our planet: soil impoverishment, desertification, deforestation… It is also a big source of greenhouse gases (GHG). Today, agricultural sector is the second largest emitter of the world, after the energy sector.[1] Changing our consumption is a way to act pragmatically against climate change, and turning to vegetarian and… Continue reading And you, how much carbon do you “eat”?