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Vegan pumpkin chickpea stew

The combination of pumpkin, sweet potato, chickpea and dried apricot will make you feel like the sun is shining in your mouth.

Recipes from YEE office

Quick and rich spinach stir-fry

This healthy and easy vegetable stir-fry gives comfort in rainy autumn days. The zucchini gives it a nice bite, and the combination of spinach, soy sauce, ginger and sesame make it a flavourful savoury and healthy dish. Served with perfectly cooked rice.

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Tkemali sauce from Georgia, something you should try whilst you are still alive

We are saying goodbye to June and welcoming July! Summer always brings a lot of interesting fruits and vegetables. People do have different taste, but most Georgians agree that they can not imagine their lives without this sauce! A special thing is that you can use a bottling method that allows the Tkemali to be… Continue reading Tkemali sauce from Georgia, something you should try whilst you are still alive

Recipes from YEE office, Vegan, Vegetarian

Vegan Flammenküche

Here is a recipe that comes all the way from Alsace, a French region located next to the German border. This region has a peculiar history, for it has always been in-between two countries, Germany and France. In this way, Alsatians have developed a culture of their own, at the crossroads between two traditions, languages… Continue reading Vegan Flammenküche

Recipes from YEE office

Tagliatelle with potatoes, courgettes and tomatoes

Italy is the realm of carbohydrates: don`t be surprised to see pasta combined with potatoes! Additionally, when your tagliatelle are over and there is some sauce left on your plate, don`t forget to do scarpetta (literally little shoe: it is the procedure of “cleaning” the dish with a piece of bread. A ritual in every Italian family). And if, after your meal, you are still not satisfied, a slice of pizza always represents a good solution. Carbohydrates party