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Quick and rich spinach stir-fry

This healthy and easy vegetable stir-fry gives comfort in rainy autumn days. The zucchini gives it a nice bite, and the combination of spinach, soy sauce, ginger and sesame make it a flavorful savory and healthy dish. Served with perfectly cooked rice.  

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Tkemali sauce from Georgia, something you should try whilst you are still alive

We are saying goodbye to June and welcoming July! Summer always brings a lot of interesting fruits and vegetables.
People do have different taste, but most Georgians agree that they can not imagine their lives without this sauce! A special thing is that you can use a bottling method that allows the Tkemali to be stored for long periods without refrigeration and you can keep a prepared sauce for the winter.

We spent the  whole last Saturday of June walking in the nearest woods and looking for wild plum trees, collecting green (unripe) wild sour plums and bringing them at home for cooking “new” Tkemali before we will make “yellow” and “red” one, which is a family tradition.
What ?? Tkemali ? Tkhemali ? Tkhkhemali ??  Yes! Actually insert a K in the word Tkemali. We are saying “ყ” (That “y” looking letter). While I am trying to explain you how to pronounce “ყ”, let’s explore what unique source is Tkemali !

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Spring brunch

Spring is there, time to play with colours and flavours! It is also the season of asparagus, these vegetables that look a bit alien and that we always wonder how to cook. Don’t worry, it is really easy, tasty, and a perfect ingredient for a nice sunday brunch!

Eat it with some (toasted) bread, a nice coffee or earl grey, and some jazz music in the background.

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Vegan Flammenküche

Here is a recipe that comes all the way from Alsace, a French region located next to the German border. This region has a peculiar history, for it has always been in-between two countries, Germany and France. In this way, Alsatians have developed a culture of their own, at the crossroads between two traditions, languages and societies.

This also applies to the cuisine. The Flammenküche is of course not only cooked in Alsace, but for me it is the best (and tastier) symbol of Alsatian culture. Translated literally, Flammenküche means “pie baked in flames”. This pie should be very thin, covered with a sour cream base, a lot of onions and smoked bacon. However, it is very easy to make a vegan version of it! You just need soy cream and smoked tofu.

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Do you like travelling? This recipe will take you all the way to Georgia! Our Member Organisations Officer, Ketevan Kochladze, invites us to her table and tells us more about the traditional Georgian dish she likes the most: Gozinaki.

The Georgian Traditional Supra represents an excellent place not only to enjoy local traditional cuisine, but also a traditional place for us, for philosophical toasts, for breaking ice and socialising…

In Georgia everything is decided near the table, we call it a Supra (Georgian: სუფრა [supʰra]). It is a traditional Georgian feast and an important part of Georgian social culture. If you’re lucky enough to be invited to one you’ll want to know how to eat like a Georgian, meanwhile you are looking for cheap tickets and checking  connections  I will try virtually to invite you with me to sit near the virtual Supra.

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Tagliatelle with potatoes, courgettes and tomatoes

Italy is the realm of carbohydrates: don`t be surprised to see pasta combined with potatoes! Additionally, when your tagliatelle are over and there is some sauce left on your plate, don`t forget to do scarpetta (literally little shoe: it is the procedure of “cleaning” the dish with a piece of bread. A ritual in every Italian family). And if, after your meal, you are still not satisfied, a slice of pizza always represents a good solution. Carbohydrates party! Continue reading “Tagliatelle with potatoes, courgettes and tomatoes”

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Winter wok

It can sometimes seem hard to figure out what to cook when we are inviting at our place people who follow different diets. Here is a way to satisfy everybody, with this vegan and gluten-free dish which is also very easy to make. This is also an occasion to cook winter vegetables a bit differently, wok style! Continue reading “Winter wok”