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Tagliatelle with potatoes, courgettes and tomatoes

Italy is the realm of carbohydrates: don`t be surprised to see pasta combined with potatoes! Additionally, when your tagliatelle are over and there is some sauce left on your plate, don`t forget to do scarpetta (literally little shoe: it is the procedure of “cleaning” the dish with a piece of bread. A ritual in every Italian family). And if, after your meal, you are still not satisfied, a slice of pizza always represents a good solution. Carbohydrates party! Continue reading “Tagliatelle with potatoes, courgettes and tomatoes”

Recipes from YEE office, Vegan, vegetarian

Winter wok

It can sometimes seem hard to figure out what to cook when we are inviting at our place people who follow different diets. Here is a way to satisfy everybody, with this vegan and gluten-free dish which is also very easy to make. This is also an occasion to cook winter vegetables a bit differently, wok style! Continue reading “Winter wok”

Recipes from YEE office, Vegan, vegetarian

Vietnamese pho revisited

Here is a comforting and welcoming dish, quick and easy to make. Pho (pronounce it “fuh”) is a very popular Vietnamese soup, usually cooked with beef. Of course, this one is far from being a real Vietnamese Pho, but let’s call it a ‘Faux Pho’. Continue reading “Vietnamese pho revisited”

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There’s a leek in this kitchen!

You might know this one. It is the taller, greener and ‘cooler’ relative of the onion. It is not the easiest vegetable to carry in your grocery bag but it is the ingredient of many delicious recipes. And it has lots of benefits in terms of health. Since we’re well into the cold season, we introduce to you: the leek! Continue reading “There’s a leek in this kitchen!”

Recipes from YEE office, vegetarian

Tasty vegetarian spreads and fresh juice

Having limited time for cooking can be a struggle when you don’t want to eat meat, but want a balanced diet, especially if you live with people who consume it almost every day, so they forget to be more attentive. This is why, when I have more free time, I spend it making my little stock, so that I have a reserve for several days – things you can easily prepare (though it can be time-consuming), perfect for a quick and healthy snack or even a full meal. Continue reading “Tasty vegetarian spreads and fresh juice”

Recipes from YEE office

Leek stew with carrot and black olives

We all feel it: the cold season is here. So what is better than a warm dish, with playful flavours and a bit of a rustic feel to it? Last week we had in YEE office a leek stew, served with rice as a side-dish. Want to try it yourself? It is fast, easy to make and, of course, very tasty. Continue reading “Leek stew with carrot and black olives”

Recipes from YEE office

Tagliatelle with mushrooms and potatoes

Tagliatelle with mushrooms and potatoes is a fast and simple recipe; however, the risk of falling in love with it is very high. The creaminess of potatoes combined with the softness of mushrooms is a source of pure delight for the palate; if you accompany it with a glass of dry white wine, the result would be an explosion of taste. Continue reading “Tagliatelle with mushrooms and potatoes”